BOSS! Da Plane! Da Plane!

I’m thinking I should finish off the lecture first before the challenge but I’ve seen similar below. I’ll do a fully block extruded one tomorrow morning: Till then, this is what I did when I hopped over into Blender:

The canopy and fin are extruded cubes. The wing is a duplicate of the fin that was scaled then the vertices adjusted to thin it out. The wing was duplicated (could have mirrored it as well) then rotated for the other side. I then scaled the fin to be more appealing. Added a sunlight above and quite a bit behind the camera and here we are. :slight_smile:


Brings back memories … This ‘viper’ resembles Battle Star Galactica

Well done! Fun project.

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Thank you, Pete. I threw a bit of MiG-21, a favorite of mine, in there with the intake cone, I love delta’s, and the anhedral came from the Viper and working on the BUFF while on active duty. :slight_smile:

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