Borderlands - Claptrap

With the release of the new DLC I came back to Borderlands 2 and thought
“Hey claptrap is something doable!”

Borderlands graphics is something really unique and relies a lot on the diffuse! The models themselves are not really that detailed!

So what I’m going to try to do here is getting that flat texture and represent it is real geometry :smiley:


Claptrap’s tire was too simplistic… made something different…


Will try to bake this thing to reduce polys…

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Doesn’t look so aggresive as the geometry one but…
High poly - 41k faces, 83k tris
Low Poly - 768 faces, 1536 tris


Making the arm…

Quite a challenge so researched a couple days about hard surface modeling, booleans and how to use them efficiently…

Then I found a Free add-on named Fast Carve by Jayanam
Which it’s main function is boolean operations which is a time saver, however it has a button that sets auto smoothing, set the edges bevel weight and adds a bevel modifier.

Which brings nice results without the use of subsurf and maybe we achieve a model that has less polygons then when using subsurf.
Also ngons are our friend using this approach lol. Ofc it’s not flawless and sometimes you need to fix stuff.

Look below, did not use subsurf for the pieces of the arm.

Some progress!

Some material testing, some wires, some rivets, screws… look this lens!


Too sick for school :heart:

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