Boosty Rocket

Please check out my game, it has a rocket that can boost. Pretty neat, right?

I had fun getting creative and adding a rocket charge mechanic. Also spend waaay too much time designing the levels. I’m happy it’s done and I can move on to the next one now. Deffinently learned a bunch from this one.


Funny intro, and I really like your low poly style… currently stuck though on the second scene where it says “press space again to stop boosting” - I couldn’t start them again so the rocket just fell back down to the platform. After a lot of wiggling side to side I managed to make it crash to reload the scene.

So, having got passed that, I can now get a better feel for the mechanic you have employed, however that second scene made me think “bug” :slight_smile:

What follows is a lot of fun as you realise you need to collect the fuel cells in order to progress, that makes it level more of a puzzle as well as needing some superb flight skills (I lack these).

I spotted the “R” option in the top right hand corner, the text was out of the scene though, I have been flicking between full screen and not, you’re game currently requires full screen via WebGL to view the level correctly.

Really nice take on Project Boost, well done, and really nice introduction of some unique features :slight_smile:

Heading back for another go now as I don’t like to be beaten! :smiley:

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Thanks for playing first off all.

You also pretty much managed to find most of the bugs I have left in the game :grinning:
At some point I had spend enough time on it and left them as “extra difficulty” as Rick did in his lecture :smiley: :smiley:

But anyway, I’m really glad you could find some joy playing, and spend some time telling me about your impression of the game.

Deffinently made all this work even more worth it.

Thanks Rob!

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You’re more than welcome Boris, you really can see the effort and enthusiasm you have put into your game.

Anything else at this point are really just tweaks I would suggest, from a polish perspective etc.

If you do make any more updates do let me know please :slight_smile:

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