Boosters and Balls

My game is called Boosters and Balls. I’m just starting so I didn’t add any additional features.


Space to boost!
A and D to rotate.

Try to make it to the landing pad and watch out for those balls!

Booster and Balls


I like the very good steering of the ship (rotation and thrust). In level 1, the moving ball does not really make sense. You can easily finish the level successfully without thinking about the ball. Perhaps it is an idea, to move one of the balls below?

Thanks for the feedback! I spent quite a bit of time getting the “right” feel for the controls.

That first moving ball I threw in mostly for the lighting effect and to show the player what is coming up without making the first level too hard. I can certainly be convinced to remove it if testers think it’s causing confusion. Maybe I should move it down a little so there is some interaction but it’s still easy to avoid?

The movement is really amazing.
I like the idea of the foreshadowing moving ball.

I’ve made it to the 4th level, i think and liked the gameplay a lot!

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