Boolean Modifier Issue

I can’t extract a piece

I want to extract circle.001 from the circle shape
When I click apply, doesn’t change
Where am I doing wrong.

I am in object mode.

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The orange one is your new shape.
The black one still exists and can be deleted.
But, I am not sure what you exactly mean?

PS. The strange shape is because your disk has a thicker inner ring than the outside ring.

To get aquinted with booleans, use a more basic shape like two cubes.

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Yes, I awared it. Second circle thicker than other.

Okay I will try what you mentioned it.

It can be related to thickness?

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But the boolean modifier doesn’t work that well on complex objects.
It can create a lot of tiny triangles in the regions where the two objects collide.
Manual cleanup is sometimes needed.

Try the ‘Fast’ calculation it often works where the ‘exact’ does not.

Further, increase the width of your cutter Circle001, so there is less similarity in the widths that is hard for boolean to deal with. (It looks like it would not be an issue for your intended end objective).

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