Bones orientation is flipped

I followed a tutorial, where you make a simple stickman. The problem is his bones come out perfectly, but mine has some errors. There are just 3 bones in leg which orientation is bad. I want them to look like in second photo, but then I flip(Alt + F) bones they lose their connection and I cannot connect them. Maybe there is something with the model itself?

P.S. Tried redoing it 3 times.

This is a tutorial.

How do you copy these bones?

The is an option to flip bones, top becomes bottom. But I don’t think your are looking for that.

I don’t copy bones. I flip them using Armature>Switch Direction(or Alt + F) and those bones disconnect from one another.

The video is Blender 2.64. You are using 2.8#

So, not everything works the same.

I guess so too. But anyway wondering if there is a fix.

For now I download his model and it works for some reason :smiley: I guess modern programs requires modern videos.

I would advice you to follow the course.
I know everybody want to design immediately massive wrestlers, jumping in hoops.
But learning the basics of Blender, start also at the base.
Just follow the course, do the challenges. Follow online tutorial for the blender version you have.
But blender is not “Cherry picking”! I only do this and this.

Have fun!

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I followed it until Lamp section and stopped, because I didn’t need it at the moment also, my all files were deleted accidentelly(yeah, version control wasn’t a thing yet :smiley:). I will continue this journey of learning in a short period of time but right now exams are behind back and don’t have time to husle around now.

P.S. I am planning to study at university associated with game creation.

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Great to hear that. It nice to have a study goal!
It helps to stay motivated.

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