Bone Roll on Foot Rig

Why is the bone roll in the foot bone and toe bone so different yet they both have the Y axis forward and Z axis up ?

How can I Fix this ?

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Why do you want to change it?
Fair enough it makes no sense. But I just tested extruding bones round from the first and it changes all of their roll numbers but they are flat to the front view. So the axes are in line. The roll is rotation, I presume it is automatically matching the roll number to what rotated the bones round in line.

It’s one of those things I would just alter till it looks right on the model not do it by numbers.

Bl3nder version?

And Blender uses Euler rotation. With that you need “roll” to fix things.

Blender manual.


Euler Rotation

Rotation method where rotations are applied to each of the X, Y, Z axes in a specific order.

Euler orders in Blender are most intuitive when read backwards: XYZ Euler is similar to rotating around Local Z using the Rotate tool in the 3D Viewport, followed by Local Y and then Local X .


Saw it being used to rotate knee joint to the Pole target in a IK Rig, so that the IK Constraint would bend the Knee in the right direction without adjusting the pole angle.

When I saw that I thought, Bone roll was to be set by numbers to make sure Knees point to the pole target on both sides.

Blender Manual is the Bible. :innocent:
Hallelujah… Now Thump that Manual !

Isn’t it Amazing that we all worship the same Blender God, But the Church of Northern Blender Baptists always think they are better than the Church of Southern Blender Baptists, finding ways to contradict the Word of our Lord. Blender.


Recalculate Roll Fixed it

So with XZY Euler, Y is dominant and rotates both other axes along with it. So no Gimbal Lock on Y.

Unfortunately that Knowledge wealth is not from Blender Manual. It’s from the teachings of a Hindu God “Maya”.


I’m glad it solved your problems.
How things work is sometimes a mystery, using a trial and error base.
But your answer, helps others too, like me. Also struggling with terms, features, and an accidentally needed option. Just have fun, show your work regularly. We are all learning here.

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