Bokeh, DOF & F-STOP Renders. Which is appealing to you?

After lesson 98. Depth Of Field In Eevee, the challenge was to test out a few different settings in the Depth Of Field panel of the Camera properties. This is the first time ever experiencing this as I have never owned a proper camera.

I really like the Bokeh effect and chose the BLADE setting of 5 so it gives a pentagon appeal and really shows up on the lowest F-STOP (2.8) setting that I tested out after hunting down a camera Aperture chart.

I know it’s all subjective but which F-STOP setting do you think looks best? I think they all have a certain charm and unique appeal.

F 2.8

F 8

F 16


F 8 is the best in my opinion.

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I have to agree with you on that. F2 makes the black pieces too blurry to tell what they are, and the F16 is not blurry enough.

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Hi Miss B. thank you for taking the time, much appreciated. It sure took awhile to even settle on these looks.

Hi Reaver, thanks. Every little setting has it’s own quality, tough call but F8 is where it starts to look sharper.

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