Body overlaps clothes

Hello guys,

I’m on the 6th episode of the Grant’s Abbitt character course and while adding the armature and IK and doing the parenting and body painting everthing went smoothly. The problem is that when I turned on my character’s clothes again, the body overlaps the clothes and I can’t find a solution to it. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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I didn’t do the course, but was it explained to add cloth parts? Or just paint them?

  • use the shrinkwrap modifier
  • There’s is a cloth modifier for physics.

I didnt get to rigging part, but clothes are added as separete mesh.
Dunno how it works with rigging, but it was suggested a couple of times before to adjust the size of clothing to keep the skin inside. It seems strange to me, that just adding bones and IK changed the shape of the mesh (and this is what must have happened if the clothing is too small now), but as I say - I have a long pause on this course and still am on the stage of clothing creation.


Is your base mesh in a “deafult” pose? Did you rig the clothes too? It seems like the legs are slightly rotated outwards and if the clothing isn’t rigged to match this would be the result. You can switch between Pose mode and Edit mode to see if it snaps back into place. If it does you can select all bones in Pose mode by pressing A and then open search and type clear, pick the “all transforms” option. That should reset your rig.


Grant goes into that during the lecture. (Though in the first moments of this lecture he also warns to have the rig in it’s default position, not posed at all before doing the vertex data transfer.)
Try the suggested moving of the armature modifier above the solidify. Try small adjustment to the thickness of the solidify. On the gloves Grant still has this problem, and says he will deal with it later, so there is more solutions to this coming up later I presume.

Personally I would just hide in render and viewport or delete the covered up body parts.


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