Body animation fails: bones do not move limbs

While trying to follow the instructions from the animation of the TV-headed guy to another quite-human figure, I find the following behavior when I add the armature to the figure:

  • The armature moves properly. If I move the main bone (located in the coxis), the others follow and if I move a bone in an arm or a leg, the corresponding bones follow too.
  • Next, if I add the armature to the character, If I move the main bone, the whole character can be tilted around. So far, so good.
  • BUT: if I move a bone in an arm or a leg, the bones move and the arm or the leg stay completely fixed.

See a screenshot below, though since I don’t know what can be wrong, it may not be too useful. I applied all modifiers and just left a single-piece shape before linking the armature to the body.

Does anyone have an idea where I should look into? Any hint would do. Thank you!!


didn’t do the Tv-guy …

Are you using Automatic weight paint on a single body object?
Or does the Body consist of multiple parts …?

In the last case, you can also assign a arm part to a single bone.

Check for each bone, (if automatic weight paint used), if there is a related vertex group?
See tab DATA > Vertex groups.

Check your model for normals in-/out-side …

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Thank you, checking all that I noticed that my armature was not properly built. There was a disconnection between bones somewhere. I restarted the whole thing and it’s much better now.

I was using the main body as a single piece just to be sure I was not complicating things, but now I am rigging other pieces to the closest bones and it still works with all the attachments. Thank you!


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