BoardBase Textures

Little prob with the resolution, my sampling is 128 for the render, but the renderer is not really clean,
i dont know why … :thinking:


In the end I find it rather clean as a render ^^’
after saving the render in Jpeg, I had a lot of pixel visible on all the parts and the set, but once I post the file on the GameDev.TV site the quality is good.
anyone know why?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Cycles needs more samples or using a denoiser option. The easiest is to tick the denoise box in the Render Properties tab, Sampling dropdown, denoising sub dropdown.

Set and board looking to be coming on well.
Bevel sharp board edges.


I’m really liking the chess board base, especially the cutouts on each side for putting the pieces that are removed during the game. Nicely done.


You render as the original bitmap. It show some noise, due to the low samples Cycles needed to make the image. Cycles is basically a raytracer. It traces light rays (samples), the more samples the better the outcome will be.

If you save your render to a .JPG file. The JPEG compressions algorithm, to make smaller file size, smoothens the illustration. Some of the noise will disappear. But other new artifacts (squared faces) can occur. It depends on the compression algorithm, 0 …100%.

Best is to use .PNG or the newest kid on the block .webp. And .JPG works best on images with a lot of details. And bad on images with areas of the same color, like blue skies.

If you UPLOAD your image to GameDev server, the GameDev software will make your image smaller in size. With this scaling progress, also some of the noise will disappear, make it looks smoother. But basically, it has image information removed, the digital quality of the image is less. But for the human eye, it looks better.

This is also the matter with the denoise option for cycles. It tries to reduce the noise, by leveling it with the surrounding pixels. Sometimes it works well and sometimes blurry artifacts. The best is to go for high sample rates (1000, 2000, …) for professional work. For gameDev use denoiser, don’t spend too much rendertime, use 1920x1080.


Note: the wood texture can also be grainy. The has something to do with the original wood image.
try to use high image resolution 2K, 4K … , try to avoid .jpg files, find .png, .tiff, .webp instead.
And also how the model is UV-unwraped


Thank you very much for all these explanations very clear and concise, I will proceed the way you just explained, I will use much more .png files in the future!

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me, it’s great :star_struck:


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