BlueprintSpawnableComponent video

Going through the video 212 from the Battle Tank tutorial I found myself some weird behaviour on Xcode that is leading to my custom Component BarrelTank not be available even though I have followed almost every step.

These are the compiling messages I am getting:

If anyone experienced this and can give me some idea how to proceed it would be truly amazing. I have been stuck for quite some time due to this issue.

Fond regards,

Are you saying you fail to compile? Because to me it just looks like Xcode’s error detection (IDE not compiler) is getting false positives.

Thanks so Dan much for your prompt reply. What happens is since I’m getting these false positives I am not getting the TankBarrel Component to show up, hence I can’t add it to my Tank_BP Blueprint. What shall I do in this situation?

That would imply you can’t compile which isn’t a false positive.If you compile from the Unreal editor what is the output?

Thanks so much Dan, last time I tried to compile it crashed, but it must have been a very bad coincidence. This time it compiled just fine, even though Xcode is showing those compiler errors.

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