Blueprint variables access modifiers - no Protected?

Hi @GavinMilroy

I’m busy with the “Unreal Engine C++ Developer” course and have this course next on my list.
I just finished lesson 152 in ToonTanks and have a question, but the discussions link for that lesson is broken. This seemed liked a good place to post.

At the end of 152, we create some variables in blueprint. After hearing what Rob says about ticking the “Private” option in the details panel for the StartDelay variable, reading the blueprint variables section of the docs, and comparing to c++ access modifiers, it seems to me that blueprint variables can only be Public or Private. Is this correct? Are blueprint variables Public by default, and Private after ticking “Private”? I can’t find the in-between option of making a variable Protected.

Making the eye icon open, only makes it “Instance Editable” - “Editable on instances of this blueprint”,
which is how it works in c++ whether a variable is Public, Protected or Private…

Please help clarify this :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this in blueprints directly. Though in C++ you are able to expose variables as protected for any blueprints that derive from the C++ class.

Thank you @Tuomo_Taivainen !