Blueprint: Creating Vector3f with Z component initialized

Hello all.

I’m just new here and I was following the UE5 course and I’m just at the beginning where I try to apply a bunny hop impulse on a cube.

I was doing the blueprint of it. I actually already solved it, but I’m just trying alternative solutions to it, then I stumbled upon a confusion on how to make Vector3f and initializing/setting up the z component with a value I have. See this Make Vector3f and Set Vector3f doesn’t have input pins to feed values.

I wanted to feed the Mass * 200.0f to the z-component of the Vector3f before feeding it to the Add Impulse node.

I do have the alternate solution to it such as:

but I’m really interested in knowing how to do blueprint way of Creating and initializing a Vector3f components.

Thank you in advance.

Fun fact: Vectors and Rotators are technically a struct (much like that “key” value in the space-bar event). And all structs in Blueprints can be split by right-clicking them and selecting split struct, you can do this for inputs and outputs.

Hi @Tuomo_T . Alright thanks, that did what I originally wanted.

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