BluePrint Course Crystal cavern

Hello guys, i’m doing blue print course for ue4 and i’m on the second part reguarding the crystal cavern , i applied some changes and customized the route but i’m experiencing some problem when rolling the ball on surfaces .
The sphere just jump for some reason on certain part of the surface even if it’s totally plain either if i’m rolling fast or slowly…
Anyone knows what’s causing this? it’s pretty annoyin and i cannot find a solution.

YES i checked if there’s any actor hiding that cause the collide for the ball to jump but there’s nothing , the surface is totally plain .

oh and i even changed and replaced the surfaces that are causing the problem 2 or 3 times but i’m experiencing the same problem every time .

I see this post is rather old and keeps getting auto-bumped. Were you able to solve the issue? If not, try turning on collision in the editor viewport via Show > Collision. There might be some hidden collision geo poking through the floor there.

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