Blueprint behavior in context with current Selection



Hey everyone, I just wanted to point it out to everyone that Unreal can do a lot of things in context to your current selection in Content Browser or World Outliner which can be pretty useful at times if you know your way around the editor.

Here are few examples:

  • When working in Level Blueprint, you can find shortcut to create reference to the currently selected object in World Outliner. (You can notice this the lecture where we take reference of floor to Make it rotate according to our inputs)
  • When making a Geometry using the BSP Brushes, it does not have a material by default. But if you select a Material in your Content Browser and then create a BSP Brush, your brush instance spawns with the selected material applied to it.

These might not be a great feature to everyone, But I just wanted to share these tricks with community as these are pretty good to know. I’ll keep updating this list as I come across more ticks.

[Update] : This post was written before watching related the lecture and as it turns out, the selected Material thing was covered in it. Anyways I’ll continue to keep updating this list so whoever needs it can have a curated list here. :slight_smile: