Bloom's Taxonomy

Hi GameDev community,

I’m currently going through the Unity 3D game-dev course on Udemy and I’ve seen the teachers explain “Bloom’s Taxonomy” now a few times…

I’m not sure if this is the right interpretation - In my opinion, the chart is just reversed of what it actually is!
Let me explain:

  1. You only truly learn by doing things yourself. So you create.
  2. You explain what you wanted to achieve
  3. you analyze what went wrong
  4. You look for solution and apply them. If still wrong, go back to 3)
  5. Understand what it was that you made wrong/right.
  6. Now that you went through the process, you will remember how to do it right next time.

I would not interpret the pyramid as rising from bottom to top, but just the opposite: By going through the - above mentioned - process, your understanding will sink in deeper and deeper (top to bottom) and, in time, build the fundament of your long-term knowledge (and the pyramid): to remember.

The best and fastest way of learning things, is by having a project in mind and trying to do it - no matter what it is. You’ll be learning on the way there.

The way the teachers explain it, it’s more like your standard university class and I can tell from experience, that’s not a good way of learning (in my opinion): You don’t learn to strive for your own goals which in turn give you the drive to climb over high learning barriers. If you only rinse and repeat what someone tells you, it’s more of an academic exercise (literally in a university) than a real world application.
To be honest, the drive that makes me power through this (absolutely great btw.) course, comes from a game I’m currently working on. Every aspect I learn in the course I already see in application for my own project. This is just a little starter to learn it really when I’m trying to do the stuff in my own project.

Just my 5cts 0:)

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