Blocky Human - Practice after Finishing Lession

Hey guys, I’ve just recently started this course and I want to practice building something else. Here I tried to mimick blocky humans as seen in some video games like Minecraft. I haven’t used any pictures to build this one, so I think it’s currently very simple. Feedback appreciated. I’m going to return to all my practice meshes after finishing the subsequent lessions.

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Hi Janus.

Just started the course too ( and i am not as far as you are ).
Model looks good.

IMO this model would be more authentic if the propotions are equidistant.
(if you gonna use it for sth like a minecraft (-clone))
Or you got a very small block-size ingame. Then everything is fine!

As I said, i didnt reach the course-level you got.

Have a nice weekend.

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Thanks for the feedback! I think you’re right, I’ll try another version with different proportions later.

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