"Block's Little Adventure" - starring Block and Lamp


@Michael_Bridges I would like to see a video on how to properly export this model to sketchfab…

I tried to export just the lamp but it only shows the background and is running a timeline like it can see the animation and is running it…

If it’s possible to export the scene actually animating in sketchfab that would be the cat’s pajamas…

maybe you know of a walk through you can point me to… or maybe fire up that sexy english accent and teach us yourself !!!

(my vote is for the latter)

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Thanks! Will have a look at getting something sorted on this front- obviously animations are another step on when using sketchfab

@Michael_Bridges did you have any luck looking into how to export a scene with an animation to sketchfab?

No at the moment, I have had my head buried in the Asset Pipeline course.

Try this as a starter:

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