BlockBreakerPro, Saves You The Agony Of A Full Game Restart

In normal BlockBreaker, you are forced to suffer the pain of restarting the whole game in case you fail a level. In this game, you not only have four lives, but also the option of restarting the whole game in case you like to play from scratch with a clean run-through. However, you can also restart the level you just failed too!
Much better for those who despise the need to restart the entire game.


I like your post because of the work you said you did to not having to start the game entirely over. But, I can’t get to your game. I believe Mozilla Firefox no longer supports the Unity Web Player. Build a WebGL version so we can play it.

Sure, I’ll try that and post ASAP!

I edited the hyperlink to lead to the WebGL version upload on GameBucket.

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