Block won't break on level 1, but will break on level 2

As the title states, I cannot break the block on level 1 to progress to level 2. The ball just bounces off. In level 2 I can break the block and progress to the game over scene. I used prefabs, so I really don’t understand what is wrong!

After I added the score text to the level 1 it works… very strange. I still don’t understand why it was broken.

Hi Jeremy,

Whilst you may have used prefabs, if you modify the GameObjects in the Hierarchy they become separated from their prefab instances. It would be very easy to, accidentally, do this across several scenes. The easiest way to check would be to see if the GameObject in question is blue in the Hierarchy, which would indicate its prefab link.

It would be a little strange that adding the score text resolved that issue, so chances are something else must have been changed a long the way.

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