Block Fury - 80s themed Block Breaker with lots of balls and slow-mo :)

Hey everyone, finally wrapped up on the block breaker part of the course with a bit of a twist. Some blocks contain imprisoned balls, which when released cause a big mess and a fun slow-mo effect, because why not?

Two main issues I ran into, that need to be addressed, but I don’t know how:

  • Hero ball speed occasionally drops, I think this happens when multiple balls collide.
  • Canvas aspect ratio doesn’t stay 4:3 when put full-screen on a 16:9 monitor. So image is still 4:3, but text gets pushed into the borders.

Overall happy with how this went though, and hope you enjoy it too :slight_smile:


Cool design, I particularly liked the way the blocks changed when hit, gives the impression that there’s something more complicated going on. Nice slow mo on the multi-ball too!

Constructive criticism - I would like a bit more of an edge on the paddle so I could direct the ball a little better.

Nice take on it though mate!

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Thank you KaininAble! Glad you dig the design and slow mo :).

Great point about the edge of the paddle. It’s definitely got too little of a slope on the sides, and coupled with random velocity tweaks, that makes it very difficult to direct the ball. Definitely something I will keep in mind going forward for any future projects - making sure the controls are tight. And hopefully if I have some time during the remainder of this course I can re-visit and update this game too :slight_smile:

Love the design and music