Block Breaker theme

I was thinking of a relaxing game theme so I came up with this idea.

I want to make a game about friendship and love and how we can remove toxicity from our lives.

The blocks would be like fake friends or bad love interests or toxic coworkers ( it depends on the level) and the unbreakable ones could be the ones that are our true friends who want us to be happy. The ball could be a heart and I think the platform should be simple or a drawing of a person, I am not sure. I want the game to have pixel art and I want to do my own background in photoshop so I can’t attach any photos right now.

For the name, I thought of Life101 or Peaceful Life but I’m open to other suggestions.

If you have any suggestions for the platform please comment, I would really appreciate that.

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Nice idea, with platform you mean the paddle? With your theme, it could probably be like a hand? catching the heart, bouncing it back, preventing it from falling.
Your titles sound nice, at the risk of sounding cheesy; Love and Learn or Live and Learn?
Ok im going to punch a wall to feel manly again, good luck.

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