Block Breaker Show - Give it a Try

Hi All,

I would like to share my first real attempt at a Unity Game.
Block Breaker

Enhanced the Graphics
Added Animated Text
Moving Blocks
And Music

Still has a few issues and tweaks that need doing, but if I don’t put something up now, ill never get to the next section in the course :slight_smile:


Must say really enjoying the Complete C# Unity Developer 2D course keep up the good work Guys.

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A bit too fast for my comfort but had fun playing this and the music is also nice.
The ball did get stuck in one of the levels where is kept bouncing between the walls for a few minutes before shooting down towards me :grinning:

Really enjoyed playing your game, really nice feel to the game, looks really good. Really nice idea what you have done with the walls. Nice amount of challenge to the levels.

Thanks for you comments guys yes the ball bouncing between walls was an issue i need to look at.
I was going to angle the bricks in the walls a bit more randomly and at larger angle.

Great Game! I love it along with the music but I have an idea. Upload it to and get more views and loves and comments!

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