Block Breaker Reloaded ( NEON THEME )

Hey, everyone !!

I always wanted to make a neon-themed game so here it is.


I spent wayyy too much time tweaking it according to the way I wanted and gave it a complete makeover. I think I did justice to my idea. Also, learnt loads of stuff along the way.

I hope you guys enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for playing :slight_smile:

Some features and tuning I added to the game :

  1. Of course, THE NEON THEME

  2. Power-ups to make the game more chaotic

  3. Camera shake effects when the block is destroyed


  5. A great UI

  6. Synthwave background music to chill with while playing.

Cheers :slight_smile:


This is amazing! I love the neon blockbreaker! :smiley:

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Thank you !! :slight_smile:

Played ythe game, but I couldn’t pass from level 2. It is very fun!

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Thank you !! :slight_smile:
And also thanks for the review. WIll try to reduce the difficulty if a lot of people experience the same!

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If your game is short, then having difficult levels might be the way to do it. Just like old school games… those were short, but difficult as hell. That made you feel more satisfied when you finish your game. Nobody likes a short AND easy game.


The game is good man!!

I liked the shadow effects of the ball. The pieces of broken blocks flying.

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That was exactly my thought process !!! Wanted to keep it short and engaging !!
Since I ended up giving too much time for the game’s environment and graphics and the other tweaks. I was not satisfied with the scoring system taught in the course. I thought it was kinda pointless to just keep clearing levels and increase the overall score parallelly.

And I wanted to move ahead with the tutorials so I did not opt for making an entirely different scoring system. So I thought why not make it an all-in-one-go system with just 3 levels just for now and give a reward if the player beats that!

I might come back and put a different scoring system and level progression in this once I learn more !!


Thank you CrazyGamer !! I am glad you loved environment. Really took me some time to get it all right !! :smiley:



I saw a game where you didn’t get points for breaking the block. Instead, when you break the block, a little coin falls down and if you manage to grab it, then you get points. That was a nice twist in order to have a real challenge to get higher scores and get people to replay the game. In that case the difficulty was lower, but the guy did a lot of levels.


Yes, that seems like a good mechanic to make it more interesting.

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