Blobby-A different style of game based on the same concepts

Used to play a game like this years ago.Wished to somewhat recreate it :slight_smile:

Its a 2 player game:
Player1-WASD keys,
Player2-Arrow keys,

Would really love to get some feedback.


Might want to work on the movement a bit. Itโ€™s too inaccurate. They seem to move too much for each button press, makes the blobs hard to control.

An AI opponant would be a logical next step to it.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Here, i wished to make the blobs normal rigid body colliders and not the kinematic kind so that they could feel the forces from the ball and gravity. I read in the unity manual that directly controlling the position and velocity of such object is not a good idea and rather one should use the Addforce() instead. Making player controller which uses forces is definitely a though task. I will definitely try to refine it more.

Consequently i now have much more respect for developers who nail the movement mechanics in 2d platformers :slight_smile:

hey hey
Impressive - fun simple game :slight_smile:

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Thanks man :slight_smile:

Good job on this! Not sure if you adjusted it since the first feedback but I kind of dig the controls. The take a little to master adding to the skill of the game. One quick suggestion if you can figure out how to do itโ€“add a slime trail particle of some sort. Will help with the look and feel of the slimes sliding. :slight_smile:

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