Blinker effect feels unnatural for the brain



Hi there,

I got really excited when I saw the comparison of various movement regimes in VR and their respective downsides. The blinker system is something that I have been experimenting with earlier (but instead of a post process component I was using a (partly) translucently shaded static mesh in front of the camera).

I have now set it up in my project, and I have a couple of questions because the result for me is quite sub-optimal, and in the end it feels even worse than just allowing motion sickness to take over :smiley:

I have set up everything like you did, tried the same parameter values in the material.
THe problem is the following:

Hope I will be able to convey this so it is understandable :smiley: If I turn on the blinkers, especially if I decrease the radius the image that is generated in my brain from the HMD parts breaks apart into two images. Between my eyes I can see how it gets more black. If I increase the density to get a hard line at the rim of the gradient then I see two sharp lines. Somehow my brain does not beleive that it is one image anymore (perhaps because a too narrow FOV is not natural for eyesight).

Have you guys not experienced this issue? I tried checking the IDP settings of my headset (no change). I also tried offsetting the center of gradient away from R 0,5 G 0,5 towards R 0,7 but then the problem is that the shader has no way of knowing on which side of the HMD it is shading the pixels, therefore both outputs get offset ot the right. Is there any BP material function or HSLS command that can be used for this?

Many thanks,