Blending Blender and Javascript

So, while I am taking this course on Udemy, I am also taking a course on Javascript. To test my current knowledge I started a self-directed project to recreate a functional version of the game Mancala.

I justify posting it here because the board and the pieces, and the title itself at the top of the page were all created in Blender.

Let me know what you think!


I love the game. I know it for many years. It’s fun to play.

The title could easily have been made in a 2D package (GIMP).
It would be more impressive if the title (3D) was integrated in the play board itself.
But just an idea!

Nice to see that Blender content is used in a game.

note: It would be even more impressive to export Blender 3D objects, to a format understand by a Javascript library. Then you can walk around the game board with nice shiny details and shadows.

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