Blendermada--Cycles Database


Here is something else Pinterest told me I “must have”! I followed the link and looks like Blendermada does have a free materials database from what I can tell; HOWEVER, I didn’t browse around a lot to see everything they have. It does look like it is a donation site from the ABOUT section, where donations are to keep the site up and running.

Here’s the link if interested. You will need to do your own research. I am just posting this because it might be of interest to others. If you check it out, maybe post any comments of your experience of what you find as a reply for others. Thanks!


Looks very interesting Morgaine, thanks for the heads-up. So far I’ve only bookmarked it, but will check it out further when I have some time.

Same here, about all I did was take a quick gander and post the link here hoping others might have more time to look at it. LOL Ye Olde time constraints…so much to do and see…never any extra time!

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