Blender + Unity Course

I’m currently taking a course on another site (It’s treason then!) that covers both subjects, Blender and Unity, I love it, it’s so, so good because it teaches the student how both programs work together and what issues you might find during the production of a game and how to solve them.

Story time.
A month ago I was making a small game, I created a character in Blender, and it took me almost 6 hours just to import it correctly, I had to deal with scaling problems, and even worse, gimbal lock issues, I wasn’t able to rotate my character correctly and one of the main mechanics was dependent on that. The experimental tools in Blender didn’t work, and the addons weren’t working either, you know how this is, so I had to go manual, it was so time-consuming, and I know there must be a much easier way. This is why I’m suggesting this course because the other one I took doesn’t cover armatures.

Complete suggestion.

  • A course that teaches how to create a Zelda-like top-down view dungeon in 3D from scratch.
  • Blender topics:
    • Modular assets. I know this is covered in the complete Blender course, but more techniques focusing perhaps on texturing and UV unwrapping would be nice to have.
    • Character modeling. Again, I know there are 2 or more courses that touch on that. Perhaps make it in another style and talk more about game optimization.
    • Rigging and simple animations. Again, there are courses that touch on that but not on how to import to Unity correctly and how to modify the animations once they have been imported.
  • Unity topics.
    • There’s nothing truly fancy here; basic combat, movement, traps, and a final boss.
    • Perhaps touch a little on level design.
  • Suggested instructors: Grant and Rick.

This is my whole suggestion, I honestly believe this is what most courses out there are missing, yes, I’ve got the skills, now it’s a matter of putting them together, and I’ve learned that that’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. This is why I have mainly stuck to pixel art for my games.