Blender to Unreal

first, thank you for your Blender, Unity and Unreal courses, I have learned a lot (and still learning!).

I am trying to do some blender assets and export them to Unreal. It is not so simple as export them to .fbx, there are problems with UV maps, materials, collisions… It seems to me like the courses are a bit “on their own”, and perhaps it would be a good idea to build some bridges between them. I don’t know what would be better, if adding some extra material on the courses, or make some mini-courses (or no so mini… :slightly_smiling_face:) … But I think it would be really a good thing to build this bridge.


Perhaps the instructors could look into doing ‘Bonus Sections’ for the Blender course that take a deeper look at setting up and exporting assets to be imported into specific Game Engines.


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