Blender to Unreal Engine 4 Pipeline

I think it would be really great to either A. update the current Unity course to also include Unreal Engine 4, or B. make a course aimed specifically at Unreal Engine 4. I think the Unity course was a great idea, and that Unity is a great engine - but your courses have a very heavy Unity balance, and I’d love if that was evened out a little bit. Unity is an amazing engine, but Unreal Engine 4 is as well - and arguably is better for full scale 3d games. A small course talking about how to create and import characters to Unreal Engine as well, import scenes, other various assets, animations, etc - and even possibly get them prepared for publishing on the Unreal Engine store - would be a really welcome addition to your courses.


agree for more UE4 courses.

I would like to see a course that cover importing and exporting for 3 or 4 major game engines. Especially, getting animation sequences from Blender into Unity, Unreal, Value, and OpenSim.

Thank you.

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