Blender Shape Keys Animation into Unity

My Giant Iguana wont blink in Unity as it does in Blender. Then i found out that Unity does not support Blenders Shape Keys. Does anyone have any knowledge on how to tackle this problem or have a link to a good tutorial on how to import shape key animaions blender to unity ?

I’ll be interested in this as well. Thank you for a great question. Tell me how you went

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Hi Louise. How did you come to the conclusion that Blender shape keys don’t work in Unity? I have not done this with recent versions of either program, but found, in the past, that shape keys transferred well to Unity.

My 3d model Iguana is supposed to blink but could not get it to. I probably need to re import the model again. Just it’s going to be a lot of work i expect. Think it might be because i forgot to do something like ticking Import blend keys not sure ?

I read something somewhere but it was quite a while ago now. I guess i was wrong to say that but i came across a problem with blinking.

It may be an import issue, like you suggest. It took me a long while to figure out how to import FBX files properly from Blender 1.79. I haven’t tried from 1.83 yet, however.

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yeh i think shape keys can be tricky for beginners. I have read a lot blogs on folks having issues with blinking.

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