Blender Section 2 Lecture 30 Snapping Tools: Snapping not working as expected

Ok I am trying to snap one cube to the other but it won’t snap can anyone help me out please!

Video of issue in case i don’t explain it correctly

I have recreated the scene 3 time’s and rewatched the video a dozen times.

I have added my second cube by using the Add menu and the shortcut Shift+A also used both Duplications method’s

I have Snap to Faces on turned on by clicking the magnet button and also hitting the hot keys.

I am in Object mode when I move my second cube to the first cube it doesn’t snap to the face of it and when moving it around the scene it doesn’t appear to be snapping at all.

When I move the second block to the first I do not get the snap to indicator also it seems like. maybe my grid setting is different somehow as you can tell it is not snapping as in the video. I did notice that Michael is using an older version. I am not sure please help thanks

Never mind … Thanks for the help I finally got it to work

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