Blender : Section 1 Final Challenge , Hut

Result of Final challenge section 1.
Please do tell me what I have to practice more.
Colouring is not good But Hope its a good start.


Welcome to this site.

A bright and cheerful house! It is fine for the stage you are at. Simple basic shapes arranged and coloured. Duplication learnt.

Keep on going through the course and show us as you work.


Do not spend too much time on a single challenge. It may be fun (and it is).
But for stacking bricks on top of each other we have more efficient Blender techniques.
Follow the course and you will learn how to use them.

Still a very good project. The bricks give a nice appeal to the building.
Sure the reason you’ve used them.

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Hi and welcome @Abdullah_Ahsan. This is s great first post.

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Nicely detailed hut

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