Blender | Section 1 - Final Challenge: Hagrids Hut ϟ

I tried my hand at Hagrid’s hut from Harry Potter :mage:. Even though it’s not perfect, I didn’t think I could get it done after the first section. I really had fun and a lot of little challenges along the way. Now I’m looking forward to learning something new in the next section. :nerd_face: I am curious about your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to this site.

Excellent section one work! Great scene well lit too.

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Looks great! Kind of like a Lego set :slight_smile:
The cute little clouds and pumpkins are a nice touch.

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Welcome, you’ve done amazing with this! You should be very pleased with what you have created :slight_smile:

Looks awesome! Could you share how did you add different colors around the edge of the bricks?

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