Blender S1/V10 How do you get back to the Default Screen?


I just finished watching Section 1, Video 10 where we explored the different views. One thing that I hope he would say was another way to get back to the original default view after going under VIEW and exploring all the views I want to get back to the default view. The only way I know how to now is to go File, NEW or File Open and start over from the beginning. Please tell me Blender has another way that doesn’t involve losing the work I might have done and using the FILE option or manually trying to move things back into the “default” position. I hope this questions is clear.


Hello Freedom. Common layout issues are covered in the advanced layout control topic in video 7 section 1


Thank you for your response. Yes the video covered one way to recover in the “LayoutMess.blend” file but I’m finding when I start using the different “Views” I can’t get back to my Default layout. Let me be clear, there is a “Default Screen” that you can always get to by clicking INFO window, either by FILE, NEW or by selecting the down arrow and selecting DEFAULT. So what I’m trying to figure. lets say you start with the DEFAULT screen and you make 10 changes. Then you click View Top, View, Bottom, View Camera…From this point how do I get back to the view that I had when I first started, where I see the Camera, Lamp and the cube in User Perspective? I’m not sure this makes sense but I thought I would try explaining again just in case someone gets me. LOL Thank you Ahmed for taking the time to respond. It’s greatly appreciated.

Well you can press Ctrl-C, tends to help. But there isn’t really a “default view”, just a view.