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Hi, all I have come across my first problem. I have Blender 2.79 but the course is using 2.75 for the Bolling pin section, Ben says to use the blender render but when I do I don’t have the option to for diffuse colour. So I have used the Cycles render but everything is different?
Any help would be very much welcome.

Hello there Jeff,

I have seen some youtube tutorials about Cycles Render Engine, and Node editor. I will paste a URL here for your convinience.

Thank you for the reply, I have just fixed the problem, I restarted Blender and all is how it should be.
Many thanks for the link.

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Hi Jeff,

What probably happened is the materials in blender render and cycles are different and if you switch between the two ie add materials in one and switch to the other they wont work right.

If you switch from cycles to blender render with a material on you have to click use shader nodes at the end of the material name and next to where it says data.
The icon looks like two computer screens

Hope this helps if you encounter this problem in the future :slight_smile:
Also if you click the ? on the video window it will open a panel to the blender Q&A and it will come though to me there as i often miss posts here.
Use both the Q&A and here though as it may take up to 24 hours but usually its less than 12 (not including weekends)


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