Blender Remaster Introductions

Welcome to the Complete Blender Creator 2.8!

I look forward to seeing all your work!

In this section we get to grips with Blender 2.8 and make some basic objects to get the hang of all the basic controls.

Hello! Just getting started, excited to see where it goes

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Hello!!! I just started the course and I am very excited!!!
I am looking forward for the next lectures!!
Thank you,
Triantafillou Maria

Hi Michael,
I don’t want to seem ungrateful or whingey, but this is a nightmare.
When I do a course I like to make detailed notes in OneNote, with links back to the relevant video, screenshots, and reminders of key shortcuts etc. (I do this as my memory is shocking, and I need to refer back to stuff, even basics, often)
So now, when my notebook says Lecture 31, I’m actually on 49. I appreciate that you’re redoing the course for 2.8, and that I’m getting it free, but it makes taking notes difficult.
Are the Sections of the new course going to be in roughly the same order as the old, or are things going to change totally? The models too - are you going to model different things or keep the same general pyramid / bowling pins etc (This is in addition to RMB/LMB, workflow, and rendering changes and whatnot)?
When the 2D Game course changed to Unity 2018 it was worth going back and redoing stuff, as it was quite a bit different - Will it be the same with Blender 2.8?
Finally, how long roughly will it take you to remaster the course - If it’s going to be fairly quick I’m as well starting again to save getting confused between this and the old course.
Again, not unappreciative, but I’m easily confused…

@Michael_Bridges can you discuss with @sampattuzzi if there may be a solution to help Andrew and others in a similar situation.

Hi Andrew,

Section 1 is live and Section 2 is pretty much there. and Production on Section 3 is starting this week.

The only major change is Section 6 and 7 are be swapped around for a better journey.

The other major differences are simply accommodating for the differences between 2.8 and 2.7x

Chess Section will be different as we use Blender Render originally and will be using Eevee in the remaster.

The aim is to get section 3 ready and 4 underway this month. :slight_smile:

OK, brilliant thanks Mike - I’ll probably drop 2.7 then and concentrate on 2.8

Thanks again, and again sorry for whinging


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@Michael_Bridges I couldn’t help but notice introduction is spelled wrong in the post title! Sorry to bother you but I think you might need to rename the post to fix the spelling error. Thanks!

Blender Remaster --> Introudctions <- -

good point, and fixed :slight_smile:

@Michael_Bridges Thanks :grin:

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