Blender Python is coming

Today we finished prototyping the Blender Python section. Here you will learn to…

  • Setup your environment for easy programming
  • Access and manipulate Blender objects
  • Import and use 3rd party libraries*

Ultimately we will create name plaques for every Kickstarter backer, around 1500 of them, automatically laying out the objects, generating their textures in a font of your choice and applying the materials.

Happy days

  • Including those like pillow that have C code in them

Great! I’m looking very much forward to that.
Have you thought about doing an extra course which goes in depth?
I think that could be done very well with your project based style. Start with Python basics (or require existing knowledge), do something like the one mentioned above and then more advanced stuff like simple buildings and vehicles (spaceships!).

Here’s a great addon that procedurally genereates spaceships:

Hi Johannesburg, let’s see the response on this initial content first. Then we have the RPG to think about.

Very happy to of asked by enough people, however - thanks.

Have you seen ?

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Thanks for at lear considering it!

It looks like there already are some ideas for procedural generation on the voting platform (I’ve voted for them).

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I’m looking forward to this :smiley:

Been waiting patiently since it was suggested in the livestreams!

Sorry about the delay! It’s real now

Haha I just posted about this yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

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