Blender project is not opening after body uv unwrapping

So, I did unwrap the body of orc and it was amazing until it stopped opening at all.

I open blender app, and then try to load orc.blend from there and it stays there for a long long time, and does not respond back … I cannot proceed further without it.

Just so you know, I decimated the orc to upto 14k vertices, so that the load on memory get smaller

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Not really sure what’s going on but you could try to create a new Blend file and append the Orc mesh from the old one.

In a brand new Blnder file go to File>Append

File>Append Screenshot

Then navigate to the Orc.blend (or whatever you called it) and append the mesh (or meshes) associated with the file:

Append Window


Something seems to have corrupted that file by the sound of it.
There should be a Blend1 file that will show up in a file browser and can be copied and renamed .blend so it is a standard blend file. It may be corrupted too, but that back up copy is worht a look for and try.

Appending in the objects as suggested by Geth is a good standby route as well.

There may even be an auto save that might be nearly up to date and not corrupted, File, Recover, autosave, select likely file.

Last resort is going back to an earlier save.


Aye, that’s a good suggestion. :+1: Completly forgot about the backup file lol. :man_facepalming:

Also, I’m wondering if that decimate modifier was applied or left as a mod?
The re-mesh and decimate mods are meant for making high-density meshes manageable but they are also quite intense calculation-wise. If that mod is not applied it’s possible that it’s re-calculating the decimation on opening the file, in which case it might be worth literally just waiting for a while, it may sort itself out eventually.


no matter, I started that orc from scratch, and reached the medium sculpting section, lets see if i get this problem again … thank you all

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