Blender Practising with the help of videos - here on udemy and youtube

At udemy I am watching vids but also on Youtube.

This time I want to challenge myself with a vid of CG Geek. I found it very difficult. But I am learning a lot.

For example: shading with matcap, cavity and shadows and backface culling. It looks more realistic while modeling, its/´s a kind of ambient occlusion. Backface culling makes the modeling proces easier.

Interesting the ripping method (y) as a first step to edgeslide later on the windows.


The cover of the bed was also very tricky… and I have tried it 20 times…:hot_face:


the pillows: cube, scale to pillow size, only a few loopcuts in x, y and z direction, then directly to the sculptmode with some dyntopo (smooth shading). Only a few sculptings, nothing fancy.




Next big step: indirect lighting with hdr image

important Texture Coordinate > Generated!!!
In the shader editor > switch to world!!


then switch to the properties panel

Then tick screen space reflection


shift a > light probe > irridiance vol.


Later I can bake some indirect light into the scene… grafik
My pc doesn´t like it and gets hot and slow. :crazy_face:


These are only viewport screenshots, no renderings, but they show some quality of realism.

To tweak the background rotate the hdr picture around the z axis in the shade editor (mapping)


with area lights…

the rug:

10.000; length of hair 0,05

advanced settings > brownian


My system doesn´t suppport the physics of the rug and I give it up…

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