Blender plane animation

I cannot believe I could manage to make and animate the plane. My computer is not exactly top-in-anything, so I am using Evee for rendering. I thought I could share the results for the plane animation. I used a light moving along with the plane to get a better shadow for it. It’s not great, but nice enough :wink:! Comments are welcome.


Great achivement. I use an old laptop.
For learning Blender it’s really ok.

If you render a video clip, render frame to bitmap and make the video in the video editor of Blender. In that way if your machine crashes you can continue half way the render process.

You can add you animation to the topic, using a link to Vimeo, or youtube.

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Looks well done. Just might benefit from not having doors on the upper story opening into a big drop?

Sure, I had very little material as I see it now. The idea of tying yourself from the second floor to the plane’s tail as it flies by it’s too much :rofl:

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Thank you! I will try that. I have never published videos in vimeo nor Youtube. Time to learn, I guess!

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