Blender Organization - Collections vs. Child Objects

In the Character Creator course, the instructor is using collections vs. parenting objects. I find that parenting objects (like the wheels to the body of the car) is better because all of the child objects move with the parent. Why not do this rather than just putting the objects into collections?

Collections is new in Blender and fulfil some needs of grouping objects in a more abstract way.
It is handy for quick selection, switching on/off parts of the composition for rendering.
While objects in the collection do not need to be related as part of the structure.
You can manipulate, rotate an item in the collection, without affecting others in de same collection.

While parenting (Using object and or empties), the parent has an influence on the children. Rotation, scaling etc.

Both have their specific usages.
Collections to group parts of the scene. Very handy when reusing old projects. Managing your assets in the blend file. For example a house in a collection and a collection full of trees.
While parenting is more on objects inner interaction. You move an object and the related objects move also. Then the tree leaves are parented to the trees.
This can be done also by collections, but less handy in this example.

But the house and the tree are now neatly grouped and handled.

Do remember that the lessons are part of the learning path. Sometimes they use an option, just to show you how and less why. Have fun.

Understood. So, if you were building a modular vehicle and the wheels and roof are separate components, wouldn’t it be best to parent the roof and wheels to the body so that they move and rotate with the body? Rather than putting them into a collection as a set of unrelated objects. You’d have to select the all each time to move the vehicle.

No because when we export to a game engine we do so by selected objects
When they appear in unity they are under a single parent object with the parts underneath.
Its the parent object that put all our scripts and logic onto not its sub parts

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