Blender keeps me running in a squirrel cage when trying to re-rig the animated lamp

Here goes my blender saved file before the Re-Rigging Our Model lecture. As it can be seen there is a difference between the Pose Position and Rest Position.

  1. If I clear ALL the transformation The Pose becomes as the rest and the re-rigging seems to work. BUT when I save the file and then load it the pose position is changed again.
  2. Now if I make the pose position as the rest position I get a message the armature is destroyed because blah-blah… So I re-rig it again and it seems to work nicely… until I save the file and reload it later. And it works ONLY if I don’t click on “apply” - if I click on apply I have to do everything again.
  3. So have I to apply the modifier and how or have to leave it un-applied?

Oops - forgot to uploadNovo.blend (833.0 KB)
the save file.

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