Blender hair mesh for video games

So I’ve been working with hair meshes for creating stylized hair for video game characters and I had some questions.
I was wondering how to reduce the number of faces it has. I know how to use the decimate and Baking tools but I was wondering how to combine the various pieces of the hair mesh without random pieces both inside the mesh and pieces sticking out underneath the mesh. So far I’ve just been trying to delete the parts that stick out but it’s been a big mess. I was also wondering how to properly reduce face count so it’s not some insanely high number.


Really it is just keep the geometry simple. Certainly better than trying to delete bits of hair that might then move later and show as holes as the character moved.


What I mean is that there are certain parts of the hair mesh that go into the head. Also, there are parts that overlap with other strands of the hair mesh. What should I do with those overlapping parts or that parts that are inside the head of the character.

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