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So there is a Blender Course.
But, it doesn’t show us the stuff we need in games.
For example:
Environments, weapons(swords), characters.
How to animate them and how to add them to Unreal/Unity engine.


Agree 100%! There seems to be a disconnect in making a full time using Blender and Unity. There is a course on importing models from Blender to Unity, but mentions nothing on importing animations for example. There are amazing environment creations possible in Blender, but try to bring that into Unity, and you get a big mess. There are no tutorials on creating beautiful environments in Unity. Just low poly stuff.

I think the “mastery” Blender course for importing stuff into Unity isn’t technically done, and I suspect that some work being done on the RPG course will translate over into teaching how to build those assets in Blender.

But I definitely think you should use this area (or even this particular discussion) to suggest specific things you would like to see added to the course – because I do think they’ll be revisiting it and adding material at some point.

You will find that the Complete Blender Course has a Game Asset Pack section, covers animations, and much much more. There is also the Model Mastery course that covers importing into Unity (Unreal section is still forthcoming).

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Create a Character in Blender3D - Vol.2 Rigging

The above is a course on character creation of a ninja.

The courses are probably out there but it is hard to sift through and find them - it would be great if there was a course guide - that put a list of all courses and how they link to other courses

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As already mentioned in other post I’ll appreciate an upgrade of the “3D Model Mastery - Preparing Blender Models For Unity” with characters design information.
+How to modify existing model, animation or rigging info
+How to use Blender to make unique chars from Make Human or Daz3D exported models.

Thanks in advance

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I would also like to see a start to end of creating a world and importing it into unity, I would love to make a large scale map but i cant find any tutorials that show you how to stream a world so that it is more efficient

Have not taken the blender course but thinking of it. It is important for me that it covers some kind of game development aspect though (optimizing models, etc) so this gets my vote since I did not find that in the course description of the current blender course.

We know it’s taken a while, but hopefully you’ll think it was worth the wait :slight_smile:

Super excited to announce the launch of the Blender Character Creator course :tada:

Time to ‘hop on over to Blender’ and get creating!

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