Blender Environment course V2

hi i can’t find ‘grants log texture’ anywhere?

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Grant goes over the log texture in the Texture Atlases lecture later.
Seems from watching it he is saying make your own from any images like those he used. But I will pass along the desire to have a ready made one. I guess there may be licencing issues with passing on things that can be downloaded free from the various sites mentioned through the course.

Grant also says that “you should download Grants log texture”. He says this at 8:00 mark in the lecture. I checked the resources TAB and it is not included as a resource.

Which lecture?
Gets so confusing. It does seem like there is an issue with the resources though.

I mean I created my own Log Atlas in Photoshop anyway, but I just wondering where his version was so I could see what dimensions he used.

It’s in the ‘Texture Atlas’ lecture in the Environment V2 Course :slight_smile:

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It is the lecture in Blender Environment course V2 on Texture Aliasing.

I went ahead and made my own texture alias and this is the result.


Nicely done better suited than Grant’s actually.
I think that is what he intends to push students to make their own.

I have passed on the lack of one to download anyway.

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I did it in my old Photoshop CS5 but I am sure Krita and other programs should work as well.

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