Blender crashes and closes render either in jpg or direct to video

In the most recent course (for me) in Blender, I was doing an animation with Orc and Another fire character, so for example I would like to know if this whole set, or something here that I added could be the cause of the crash:
the text is long but if anyone can help/explain how it could be done thanks in advance… ; )

Environment - Added snow texture, then removed it and left with smooth shader and simple white texture on mountains. I added rock texture to some rocks, added several trees with botaniq addon (some free models), added smoke to some trees and “snow” object particles starting in the final animation part.
I also added particles that came out when the orc punched the opponent, and also particles on the object simulating simple “soot” (coming out of one of the directions of the trees)
Added a single wind to move the particles forward towards the fire character’s path to the orc
In some moments some VDB effects that I found free on fire.

In spite of that, the environment models are lowpoly.

Characters: Both I made highpoly and then I used their lowpoly models with highpoly texture bake, however for the example in the fire character I added fire particles to emulate the fire coming out of the character at times like when confronting or releasing some “magic” from fire on the orc.

So there was a 2GB file even after cleaning what is not being used, hence it is not possible to render it out on free sites, most 750MB…

I did a test by disabling many things but even so when I try to render it crashes and the pc is at 100% either CPU or memory,
even if you disable a bunch of stuff. So I was confused about what I could / should see first of all, like what would be heavier for the lightest and go on redoing or modifying it, making it lighter, but without losing some effects…

The Course is very cool, but then I ended up getting lost when adding all this context, thus wanting to add several things.
but I posted in the Blender Show session the images I managed to generate by eevee without crashing.

Blender last stable version
My current hardware:
Intel(R) Core™ i5-10400 CPU @ 2.90GHz
Memory 16GB


I think you want too much!
Even if you have low poly models, they still do need memory resources.
I’m not sure what you mean by fire monster, but its configuration (material nodes, modifiers, geo-nodes) can explode memory-wise when pressing the render button.

Like the subdivision. Mostly low when developing, but when in render mode the subdivision levels go up. Also, your trees in the background can have a huge resource claim on your scene.

Depending on your animation, you could render the background independent from the rest (using multiple scenes) and merge them in the compositor.

I also think that 16GB memory is low for this kind of project. It’s not your graphics card but just CPU work memory that is the problem.


Grossly over ambitious I suspect for your computer which is a little dated.
Get rid of various particle effects?
Change all the trees for images on planes?
Never attempt to render direct to video.

Basically the file size and that render sites will not take it is telling all this really.

Or get a new computer! lol 4090, i9 13900ks, 128M DDR5 memory, and try again. Still may be too much to do, impossible to tell till it is tried.


Thanks! Got it, I was very ambitious with the hardware, I actually got carried away, I also have to look for other ways to make my scenes simpler so to speak, that will consume less hardware but that bring similarity to the desired effect.
I’ll follow the tip of also trying to record a gif or image of movements or statics even for the trees and objects in the scenery.
I will search further.


As you mentioned, I’m watching tutorials on layers, to render objects in separate scenes to later join in another software or in the composer, in addition to settings to be able to improve renderings for now, and I’m going to look for ways to make scenes simpler.

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