Blender course section 2 work

Hey all! Thought it show the work I did for section 2 of the course, making the pilars, walls and other modular elements and making some rooms with them. I thought it was very nice how you can quite easily make some interesting elements with some character to them by for instance using the bevel tool to make nothches or the randomize tool to add some wobble and how the wall and floor modules can be used to easily make a simple dungeon layout. I think I learned a lot. Would love to hear some comments and feedback!


It looks good, no problems to be expected.
This lesson is about modularity.
You can now exchange a module with a higher level of detail.
Incremental increasing the details of a lower level design (low poly).

But I don’t think it’s taught in this course?!
It involved exchanging data blocks and not objects.
Blender has so many features to learn.

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